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The Installation Process Simplified


Pre-Qualification SurveyPre-Qualification Survey

Sign up at and then complete the online pre-qualification survey.

OnSite SurveyOnSite Survey by Preferred Certified Installer

The Preferred Certified installer takes the feedback from your pre-qualification and conducts an onsite survey at your home.


Based upon your onsite survey, Leviton prepares an installation and permitting quote for the charging options you selected.


Our preferred certified installer will obtain the necessary permits, install the charging station and also show you how the charging station operates. Residential permits may take approximately 2-4 weeks to receive depending on the municipality.

InstallationOngoing Support

Once installation is complete, Leviton will contact you to answer any questions you may have.

The Leviton Advantage

Leviton AdvantageAn industry leading global manufacturer of electrical wiring devices, Leviton offers unsurpassed customer support.
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